B’nei Israel Costa Rica is a progressive community rich in history that has worked hard for 30 years to provide for all of the life cycle events important to Judaic life and observance. We are a small community and we do what we can with our membership fees. 40% of our budget is met through donations. These donations are critical in order to provide the basics for our community and for our children.

We can do a lot more for our school and for our young people after Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We need to provide a greater breadth of Jewish education and opportunities for development for teachers and children alike in order to build future leaders of our congregation.

We need to be developing even more our leadership opportunities for our young people so that we ensure the continuity of our community for generations to come.

We need your donation to ensure this leadership and educational continuity.

So please donate now. We will send you our monthly newsletter as a friend of our community and we hope that you visit us.