Spirituality רוּחָנִיוּת

“I am Human. I am Jewish. I am a Rabbi.

In that order.

I understand my Rabbinate as the intent to touch the soul of the people and try to open the door to Spirituality and Meaning through the practice of Judaism.

I conceive my Judaism as my singular way to find Spirituality, choosing to be part of a People whose History and Messianic Dreams are based on particular rites and traditions that reflect Universal values and Ideals.

I recognize in Judaism my unique way of being Human. I choose to be part of this adventure and engage in the tremendous challenge of trying to correct this world and making it a better place to live. Judaism is the human answer to this divine call.

I see Ethics as a necessary and previous condition to all religiosity. To me this is mandatory. It is impossible to access the vertical dimension without going through the horizontal one. The entire world is sacred. Creation is unfinished and imperfect. We are partners with God in this sacred task of Tikkun Olam.

I joyfully embrace the National Jewish aspects which to me include The State of Israel, The Hebrew language, the folklore and its melodies, colors and tastes in all different manifestations. These are some offerings of Judaism to a perplexed Mankind blinded by pseudo-successes, consumerism, the anarchy of the visual and power.

I enter to Spirituality from a place that is beyond the religious behaviorism of the permitted and forbidden. This is the point of union between the Human and the Divine: the point of Sensitivity, Love, and the Prophetic values of Freedom, Justice and Peace.”

Rabbi Darío Feiguin